European Association of Social Psychology
Summer School

17-30 August 2014
ISCTE-IUL | ICS-UL Lisbon Portugal

Daniël Wigboldus (Radboud University Nijmegen) & Rui Costa-Lopes (ICS-UL)

sponsored by ESF-ESCON)


This workshop will address stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. Person perception research constitutes one of the cores of social psychology. During the past decade implicit processes and indirect measures have played a central role in person perception research. During this workshop we have multiple goals. First, we want to establish where we are, 15 years after the introduction of the IAT and other indirect measures of stereotyping and prejudice. What have we learned and what do we not (yet) know? Second, we aim to encourage and challenge you to move the person perception field forward by thinking about new ways to conceptualize and measure (the effects of) prejudice and stereotypes. We as teachers will present concrete examples of what we think are promising new directions. We will encourage you to do the same. In small groups we will work on the best ideas and aim to come up with critical experiments to falsify these ideas. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we aim to learn from each other and have a great time while doing so.