European Association of Social Psychology
Summer School

17-30 August 2014
ISCTE-IUL | ICS-UL Lisbon Portugal

The local organizing team is looking forward to welcome promising young researchers to attend broad and intellectually stimulating workshops and keynote addresses that were put together.


Main Workshops


In the tradition of the EASP Summer Schools, applicants are invited to apply for participation in one of the following five workshops. In the application form, a ranking of preferences can be expressed. A detailed description of the workshops will soon be available.


WORKSHOP 1 Socially Situated Cognition

Gün R. Semin (Utrecht University) & Margarida Vaz Garrido (ISCTE-IUL)


WORKSHOP 2 Implicit Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination (sponsored by ESF-ESCON)

Daniël Wigboldus (Radboud University Nijmegen) & Rui Costa-Lopes (ICS-UL)


WORKSHOP 3: Social Identity, Influence, and Deviance in Groups

Michael Hogg (Claremont Graduate University) & José Marques (FPCE-UP)


WORKSHOP 4: Social Psychology of Justice

Robbie Sutton (University of Kent) & Hélder Alves (ISCTE-IUL)


WORKSHOP 5: Epistemology and Methods in Social Psychology

Klaus Fiedler (University of Heidelberg) & Leonel Garcia-Marques (FP-UL)


Keynote Speakers


Keynote 1
Racisms: Social representations, racial prejudice and normative pressures
Jorge Vala (ICS – UL)

Keynote 2
Mysterious communication: The secret language of chemosignals
Gün Semin (Utrecht University, Koç University, ISPA-University Institute)

Keynote 3
Attention and emotion: Cognitive processing of emotional stimuli
Francisco Esteves (CIS/ ISCTE-IUL - Mid Sweden University)

Keynote 4
You can’t always get what you want (and you shouldn’t try harder): Saturated ANOVA models and uninterpretable effects
Leonel Garcia-Marques (FP - University of Lisbon)


Hot Topics


The scientific program of the Summer School will also include two hot topic sessions addressing current major challenges faced by young scientists, namely publishing and ethics. These sessions will be coordinated by the workshop tutors and open to all the students. 


Hot Topic Session 1 - Ethics (Monday, August 25 at 14h - Auditório J.J. Laginha)

Ethical conduct in psychological research is one of the most currently discussed issues. We will ask some of our invited guests to pass on their views on this ongoing debate and to provide some guidelines towards a proper ethical research conduct. For more information about this session click here.


Hot Topic Session 2 - Publishing (Tuesday, August 26 at 14h - Auditório J.J. Laginha)

One of the main concerns of young scientists is how to work effectively to publish their research. In this Summer School participants will have the opportunity of hearing from senior scientists some tips on how to effectively write articles and gaining acceptance in high-quality journals. For more information about this session click here.




Please download the final schedule here.